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How does it work

Are my possessions totally safe ?

For the security of your goods, INNBOX operates CCTV surveillance around the clock. The units are also equipped with individual safety locks and accessible with access control featuring a personal code. At INNBOX, we take the security of your possessions very seriously ! ...


Why choose Innbox ?

1. OUR SERVICE Individuals and professionals all have different storage needs, and our teams are at your service to advise you and help you choose the storage space that matches your requirements from among 25 sizes. Because the protection of your possessions is important, we offer you...


5 key tips for wrapping up your goods safely !

1. Never use plastic sheets to cover your wooden furniture and leather chairs and sofas for storage. Wood and leather are living materials that need to breathe. Instead, opt for sheets, removal blankets or fitted fabric covers to protect your possessions. Don’t use plastic...